Buddy Carry Ruck - Miramar

By Vice City Ruckers (other events)

Thursday, May 30 2019 8:00 PM 10:30 PM

FREE Event Hosted by Vice City Ruckers

Join us for GORUCK's May Ruck Club callout, the Buddy Carry ruck. Complete this callout and you will receive the GORUCK Buddy Carry patch shown in the event cover photo. This is your last chance before the end of the month deadline.

- 4 person groups minimum
- 4 mile minimum but go as far as you want
- Minimum Ruck Weight 10 lb
- 20% of participants up for 1 mile of the ruck
Math rounds up. So if you have six people then two people must go up for the last mile

Welcome to the Buddy Carry Ruck. Just a normal day out rucking with your friends. Until the last mile. For the ENTIRE LAST MILE 20% of your group has to be up in a buddy carry. If they aren’t in the air then they aren’t moving. You can do this however you want. Fireman’s carry, 2 person carry, 3 person carry, you could do 8 people if you want. It’s totally up to you, bonus points for being creative. The casualty can rotate, so it does not have to be the same person the whole time. Also, no trying to use your kids as the casualty, that’s cheating. One important note, NO RUCKS on the casualties.

All skill levels are welcome!
If you are new to rucking please visit:

Start Point: Bokampers in Miramar
15500 SW 29th St, Miramar, FL 33027

**Ruckoff: 7:30PM (Social Before ruck)**
Step Off/ Start Time: 8PM
This event is on Rain or Shine


* Rucksack, we recommend GORUCK-(
* Reflective band or PT belt on the ruck
* Hydration bladder filled with water (2L minimum)
* Snacks
* Comfortable Shoes
* Comfortable Clothes, (Think workout clothes)
* Ruck Weight (see below)
A good starting weight is 10-20lbs

About Vice City Ruckers
Vice City Ruckers is a South Florida training group and GORUCK ruck club that actively promotes rucking as a form of social fitness. We usually meet 3-4 times a month and cover anywhere from 3-15 miles.

What is Rucking?
Rucking is walking long distances with a weighted bag or rucksack. This is usually completed as a group, with an emphasis on teamwork. Interspersed are bouts of physical training. To learn more about rucking, visit

Who can participate?
Anyone! Beginner walkers to ultra-endurance athletes. Rucking is a great social activity for everyone. Please remember to bring water and a comfortable backpack with at least 20 lbs. The weight can be old textbooks, bricks, a dumbbell, or even a weight plate. Be creative.