GORUCK Club Cloverleaf

By Vice City Ruckers (other events)

Sunday, December 19 2021 7:30 AM 12:00 PM EDT

It's that time of year again with a special twist. We are incorporating a GORUCK Cloverleaf event with our end of year Nightmare workout tradition. This year's workout will be 4 workouts and 4 movements that will be completed in a max of 4 hours. Finishers will received the exclusive VCR Nightmare patch and a GORUCK Cloverleaf Silver club patch.

Cloverleaf is a new event format that lets you choose how much challenge you want to take on. Grab a ruck and a sandbag - you choose the weight. Bring some friends or make some when you get there. Start outside, stay outside, spread out, turn the music up, do some ruck PT, ruck some miles, then drink some beer when you’re done. This is how like-minded people meet like-minded people - by doing the work together.

4 Hours MAX
4 Workouts
4 Movements (you choose the mileage) in between each workout

Meet at the track at Central Park in Plantation. We are STARTING the workout promptly at 7:45, please arrive early we can get set up and make sure everyone understands the workouts.

What to bring:
Your rucksack (GORUCK Rucker or GR1 - always a good bet)
Ruck Weight (your choice)- 0-30lbs
Sandbag - Your choice of weight (20-80lbs )