GORUCK Snowdrop Light

By Vice City Ruckers (other events)

Saturday, September 26 2020 8:00 AM 12:00 PM EST

We will be running our own GORUCK Snowdrop Light and Scavenger Events on 9/26/20 to help raise funds for the Snowdrop Foundation.

Please note that this is a ruck club led event but at the direction of GORUCK. You can still come out for free but if you want a GORUCK Patch you will need to register at

The Light will be on South Beach (Collins Park on 21st) starting at 8AM and the Scavenger in Wynwood starting at 2PM from J. Wakefield brewing. This should give us enough time to eat lunch and reset for the Scavenger.

What to expect:
For the Light, it will be a 6 mile ruck with portions of the Roony WOD incorporated.
Buy in: 75 Mountain climbers (4 count), 75 squats (with ruck), 75 flutter kicks (4 count), 75 overhead claps.
Ruck 3 miles: 75 Mountain climbers (4 count), 75 squats (with ruck)
Ruck 3 miles: 75 flutter kicks (4 count), 75 overhead claps.

Light Start Point: Collins Park
2100 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Light Information

What to Bring for the Light
* CDC Approved mask
* Rucksack, we recommend GORUCK-(
* Ruck Plate = to your weight requirement
*If you weigh >150 lbs = 20 lb. Ruck Plate (or equivalent)
*If you weigh < 150 lbs = 10 lb. Ruck Plate (or equivalent)
* Reflective band or PT belt on the ruck (for night rucks)
* Hydration bladder filled with water (2L minimum)
* Snacks
* Comfortable Shoes
* Comfortable Clothes, (Think workout clothes)
* Headlamp (For night rucks)
* Sunblock

-- The Scavenger packing list is the same but without the weight.

Below is a little background information about the Snowdrop Events.

Six years ago, Josh Hass (aka Cadre Roony) searched for a way to go above and beyond for his community. He found Brian Gruender, head of the Snowdrop Foundation in Appleton, WI. Josh did not have any connection to pediatric cancer but knew this was where he would help. True to Josh’s character, he wanted to help Snowdrop by putting his own spin on it, in the form of a GORUCK event. While most GORUCK events are all about embracing the suck, Snowdrop is a little different. Since its inception, the annual GORUCK Snowdrop event has raised over $75,000All proceeds will be donated to Snowdrop Foundation Wisconsin.

This year, the 6th annual GORUCK Snowdrop events should not be missed. We lost Josh to pancreatic cancer on April 4, 2019. Due to Josh’s leadership and esprit de corps we will continue what he started. Continuing in his Ranger roots, he Led the Way and inspired thousands of people to do the same. We are humbled to not only continue on Josh’s mission with the Snowdrop Foundation, but to honor his legacy as an incredible Father, Son, Brother, Friend and Ranger. Rangers Lead the Way! This is your opportunity as a civilian to fight evil and further goodness by helping the children. Josh fought for the better good as a soldier and this is how he continued to fight the good fight as a civilian