Nightmare Before Xmas WOD

By Vice City Ruckers (other events)

Sunday, December 18 2022 7:30 AM 11:00 AM EST

Our yearly tradition (going on 4 years now) got picked up by GORUCK and shared with the world as GORUCK's December workout.  How cool is that! They tweaked it a bit for the masses but we will be doing the original version that can be scaled to all levels. This is your chance to do this WOD with us at our original location and earn the GORUCK Nightmare patch and the OG Patch.  For the OG patch we only ask that you complete the workout and make a min $20 donation via the link below to Operation Enduring Warrior. Be sure to register ASAP so we can get an accurate headcount on patches.

Donation Link:

Check out the patch on GORUCK's site.

Loaners are available and you can earn the OG Patch virtually (more details to follow)


What to bring:
Your rucksack (GORUCK Rucker or GR1 - always a good bet)
An appropriate amount of weigh for said rucksack (good rule of thumb is 20# if you weigh under 150, 30# if you weigh over 150)

Meet at the track at Central Park in Plantation. We are STARTING the workout promptly at 7:45, please arrive early we can get set up and make sure everyone understands the workout.