Sunday Ruck Training

By Vice City Ruckers (other events)

Sunday, August 7 2022 7:30 AM 10:30 AM EST

This will be a 5-10 mile ruck through Amelia park and the trails

All skill levels are welcome. If you are new to rucking feel free to ask questions here, message us.

LOCATION: Amelia Earhart Park
Parking: 401 E 65 Street, Hialeah, Miami, FL (Park at the end of 47th, by Mountain Bike Trails)

* Rucksack, we recommend GORUCK
* Reflective band or PT belt on ruck
* Hydration bladder filled with water (2L minimum)
*Comfortable Shoes
*Comfortable Clothes, (Think workout clothes)
*Ruck Weight (See below)

Any weight is ok but if you are training for a GORUCK event here are the requirements.

<150LBs = 20LB Weight
>150LBs = 30LB Weight

IIf you do not have a Rucksack please let us know. We have a few extras that can be lent out. First come, first serve